DW-R™ Dry Wash Resin

For Biodiesel Purification


Dry Wash Resin

There are a number of good reasons to use the dry wash process for biodiesel purification


Only one dry wash resin delivers “on spec” B-100 at the lowest cost

DW-R™ Dry Wash Resin is a high capacity dry cation resin and absorbent

   >removes salts, soap and catalyst

   >removes water and glycerin

   >can replace water wash or magnesium silicate

   >reduces labor and equipment requirements to meet ASTM standards

   >can be regenerated

   >lowest use cost per gallon of B-100 treated

   >two grades to fit your operation _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Where do I go for information and support?

This site provides:

    Product data and pricing

    Technical data and answers to Frequently Asked Questions for help in applying DW-R™

    Links to sites that provide equipment and supplies (Under Construction)

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