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DW-R™ Dry Wash Resin for Biodiesel Purification

DW-R10  Dry Wash Resin

>highest capacity for salts, soap, catalyst

>removes glycerin and water

>lowest use cost per gallon of B-100

>amber to dark brown beads


Product Summary

Prices are F.O.B Springfield, TN

Cumulative discounts available for repeat orders

Price: See price list below

>purifies B-100 to meet ASTM specs

>replaces water wash

>replaces magnesium silicate

>less equipment and manpower than water wash or magnesium silicate

>Barrel bags with bottom spouts to speed the column loading process are available.


25% discount on first order for new customers

Other important product facts

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Order Quantity/ lbs.



Price per pound

1 to 6

24 oz jars


6.5 to 39

1 gal pail


40 to 199

6 gal pail


200 to 399

6 gal pail


400 to 1,999

6 gal pail


2,001 to 3,999

6 gal pail or 30   gal drum bags


4,000 or more

55 gal                drum bags